Youtube Announces New Features For Creators To Earn Money

YouTube, for a really long time now, has been one of the most effective and rewarding platforms for content creators to earn money. The income here is substantially high when compared to other digital media platforms.

Incidentally, YouTube has rolled out 3 new features for its unique content creators to earn big bucks through this platform.

Super Stickers

YouTube has announced the all-new super stickers feature where the users can send animated stickers to other people on YouTube after paying a certain fee. The creator of these stickers will be paid the commission after YouTube takes its share.

Super Stickers

Membership Slabs

Prior to the announcement of a new membership model, users had to pay a standard fee of $4.99 to gain access to exclusive content from their favourite channels. However, they can create five different slabs with as many pricing ranges now. The fee charged per slab is proportional to the amount of exclusive content the buyer will have access to.

Sale Of Merchandise

YouTube has joined hands with five different organizations, Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent, and rooster teeth for creators to design their merchandise. They will earn rewards if their subscribers purchase their merchandise from these platforms. This feature has been named Merch Shelf.