5 PPC Features That Every Marketer Must Be Aware Of

Digital marketing is not an easy stream by any means. One must keep themselves updated about the latest trends in marketing and only then can they make a fruitful career out of it.

Here are the Five latest PPC features that every marketer must be aware of.

Google Ads Account Notes Panel

In this panel, the marketer can add notes, make changes to the documents, track the performance, and make budget changes. There is much more to it as well.

These notes can be used to highlight certain points in your campaign, which will, in turn, help you in running an effective online campaign.

 Google Ads Account Notes Panel

Search Partners (Google and Microsoft)

This service offers you to place as campaigns on renowned platforms like Google, Microsoft, and also other partner sites.

For example, Microsoft runs ad campaigns on Yahoo search traffic, which will gradually provide more traffic to the advertiser.

Search Partners (Google and Microsoft)Linkedin Profile Targeting

LinkedIn profile targeting is one of the most effective campaigns that is run by Microsoft ad services.

This feature lets you target individual LinkedIn profiles by filtering the job position, company, industry and other criteria. However, this feature is a bid-only project for Microsoft to provide better results.

Linkedin Profile Targeting

Bing’s Multi-Image Campaign

This campaign makes your text-only ad campaigns much more visually pleasing with its multi-image service, which adds more images to your campaign.

They support a total of five images in a single campaign presently.

Bing's Multi-Image CampaignGoogle Display Game Placements

These ads are placed in games that are integrated with Google and campaigns.

This can be effective if what you are trying to sell is a game or an app. Placing other campaigns might not be the best of ideas as gamers don’t tend to pay much attention to other campaigns when they are in the middle of their game.

Also, these ads are placed in areas where the gamers click them accidentally, and this strategy usually registers high traffic because of this reason.

Google Display Game Placements